Episode 33: TARDIS Roulette

Episode 33 has arrived!  This week, Matt and Justin discuss how EA has created clairvoyant A.I. with its Madden franchise that renders the actual playing of the Super Bowl totally useless.  Matt talks about his newfound optimism after seeing the production teaser for Star Trek: Discovery.  Justin shares some optimism of his own now that Michael Bay has annouced he's moving on from directing Transformers movies.  From there the good vibes keep flowing as the guys delve in to their anticipation for season 2 of the Shannara Chronicles.  After a Gilmore Girls tangent, Matt and Justin talk about the future of Doctor Who as Peter Capaldi turns in his TARDIS key.  They also spend some time speculating about who might slide in to the director's chair now that Ben Affleck has announced he won't be the guy calling the shots for The Batman.  There's some livestreamed trivia, there are tasty beverages, and there's room at the table for you.  Pull up a chair, flag down a waitress, stay awhile and enjoy the newest episode of Nerd News Cafe!