Nerd News Cafe: Stir It Up Round 8

Are you ready?  Matt, Landon and Justin are back with another edition of Nerd News Cafe: Stir It Up.  Come on over to the comic book corner with Justin.  Will we get to talk about a new Batwoman issue?  Who knows?  Landon's new segment is going to help us all prepare for what's coming to Netflix this month.  Matt brings back the premium roast with a blood boiling discussion of worlds inside of worlds.  We wrap things up with a debate that's close to everyone's heart.  In the special edition of Star Wars Episode IV, George Lucas changed Han Solo's shooting of the bounty hunter Greedo to an act of self defense as Lucas has now made Greedo fire the first shot.  Good change or bad?  You decide.... after listening to our debate.  We hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as we enjoyed making it.  Let's Stir It Up!  Round 8 is here.