Nerd News Cafe: Stir It Up Round 13

Nerd News Cafe is a twice-weekly podcast in which we discuss headlines that span the full spectrum of nerddom. Matt, Landon and Justin are your hosts, and each one brings a unique perspective to the trending nerdy topics of today as well as a tasty beverage of choice.  This is intended to be an interactive show so join the conversation by chatting with us on twitter @Nerd_News_Cafe, stopping by our Facebook Fan Page, or zapping an e-mail to  Visit our website:  Review and rate us on iTunes and we'll give you a shout-out on the show.  Today's Topics include: The Monthly Events Calendar, and Comic Book Corner with Justin.  We may debate, we may not.  It depends on if we can track down Landon.  If we do, please vote in our #nopantspoll and help us crown a debate winner!